Who is that Brett guy?

Brett Glover is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performer and teacher from Sale in the beautiful region of Gippsland in Victoria Australia.
Brett was raised in the rural setting of Kilmany and attended Kilmany south primary school, which on average was attended by 15 students during his primary years.  It was in these years he was able to study piano and practice his love of singing and performing without the usual ridicule from other students.  This gave him the opportunity to flourish without hindrance and a rapid rate.

On moving to secondary school Brett took up the alto saxophone and was heavily involved in all aspects of Sale High School’s new music program.  He began to write and arrange many forms of music in this time but generally wrote for others feeling his own performing skills weren’t up to scratch.

After years of being heavily influenced by the Beatles and the “grunge” movement of the early nineties Brett took up the bass guitar and formed his first band with brother Jason and school friend Ashley Fyfe as ‘Mixed Nuts’.  Though they were mostly a cover band due to the demand of the region Brett began to mature as a songwriter and learned how to write specifically for the trio he had.

During his years at Latrobe University studying music Brett performed with various outfits in a variety of genres ranging from classical, jazz and funk through to heavy rock.  He enjoyed different aspects of all these forms of music and took many song-writing ideas from them.

Upon moving back to Sale in 2002 Brett began writing songs for a new band and began recording with a 4-track tape recorder.  These songs became the basis of what was to come.  After a short stint with a four piece band called ‘Mr Anderson’ showcasing Brett’s love of rock music it was time to head into the studio and start the long process of recording a solo album.

Geoff Cross agreed to record the album agreeing to not put a time limit on the sessions so that they could do the best job possible of producing the tracks. It was during these 4 years that Brett also became a father to Will and Ruby so time became tight.  When his third child, Penny, was on the way Brett abandoned the project to return to university and complete his studies as a teacher. Towards the end of this process Brett once again drew on inspiration to complete the album.  With the help of Andy Stewart via many meetings and various mixes the album ‘Done’ finally reached completion towards the end of 2014 after 6 years of ups and downs.

‘Done’ is a snapshot of a decade of a young mans life.  From pen to paper to instruments to cd it has been a process of patience and a lesson in persisting that can be heard throughout the melodies and lyrics. Please take care of this product as it has taken a lot of care to produce for you to enjoy.